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About me:
I am a huge Def Leppard fan and when I am not stalking them, I stalk Nathan Fillion. Nathan is my very favorite actor, he is funny, sexy, and a great talent. When I am not stalking Def Leppard and Nathan, I enjoy listening to music, watahing Firefly and Castle, hanging out with ny daughter and grandson, antique shopping and taking little trips around the area. I would love to travel to Europe, especially Scotland. On top of all that I work 6 days a week. I love meeting new people, so if you are intersted in asking me anything go ahead and ask, I am not shy and love to chat.
Favorite Music:
Def Leppard, The Beatles, Stone Temple Pilots, Three Doors Down, Three Days Grace
Favorite TV Shows:
Castle, Firefly, Destination Truth, and Ghost Hunters.
Favorite Movies:
Serenity, Across the Universe, Tristin and Isode, Iron Man and so many others.

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